Edvin Klasson is a Norwegian product and furniture designer based in Oslo. Klasson is interested in the opposition between the well-known and the radical, often playing around with archetypal forms and familiar objects. 

Edvin established his eponymous design studio in 2016 after graduating from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in 2015 with a MA degree in Industrial Design. He is working with various furniture producing clients as well as making limited runs of furniture in collaboration with local craft workshops.

Klasson has in addition to studying at AHO also studied product design at the Offenbach University of Art and Design (2013-14), and art history at the University of Oslo (2015-16). 


Awards and honors:

2016 - Graduate Directory, Wallpaper* Magazine
2013 - Young Talent Award, Norwegian Design Council

2015 - (Finalist) Prize for Innovation,
presented by The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture
2015 - (Finalist) Prize for Complexity and Holistic Approach, 
presented by Eggs Design


2017 - Unika Auction at Designers Saturday, Oslo
2017 - Fløte presents More, Oslo
2017 - Blomqvist at Oslo Design Fair, Oslo
2014 - Nacht der Museen, Frankfurt