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Stubbs is an indoor bench. It was designed with waiting rooms, entrance halls, lobbies, exhibition areas, public spaces and public buildings (like libraries) in mind. Stubbs provides a seat for people who have to sit down for short periods of time. The handle eases moving and carrying - as well as functioning as support when standing up or sitting down. Furthermore, the handle separates Stubbs into two seats ensuring nobody being able to occupy the bench alone. 

Stubbs adds a playful and whimsical touch to any environment - be it in the entrance hall at home or in a shared office space.



Producer: Mokasser | 2016 |

Materials: Powder coated steel, wooden frame and upholstery. Textile: Tonus 4 by Kvadrat.

Dimensions: W112 x H61,5 x D46 cm



2017 © Edvin Klasson