Metropolis 1
Metropolis 2


Metropolis is a combined seating and storage unit, focusing on the social aspects of everyday life and the quality of living.

The framework consists of three different parts. The two bottom parts of the furniture clearly indicates two primarily distinct seats. One is more upright and archetypal chair-like, the other reminiscent of a chaise lounge. The top part can be detached and turned up-side-down, transforming it into a bench or a sofa. The soft centre, the room in the middle of the framework, is filled with four different foam shaped parts.

People sit facing each other, creating a separate and exclusive room in the room for conversation and shared pleasure.

Design: in collaboration with Ola Brandsnes



Prototype | 2013

Materials: White-pigmented lacquered pine and upholstery.

Dimensions: W220 x H220 x D50 cm



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